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Protect your hearing by purchasing one of our suppressors. We offer a range of manufacturers and calibers so we can be sure to have one that'll fit your favorite hunting rifle, home defense pistol or out at the range stress relief.



A suppressor is a great way to protect your hearing by reducing the noise of a firearm going off. While it will not completely take away the sound, it will reduce it to a manageable level, allowing you to enjoy your shooting experience more.




- Select the Suppressor you would like and make your purchase (we will hold onto it for you until your paperwork comes back)

- Carefully complete (2) included BATFE Form 4s (5320.4) and sign in blue or black ink

- Obtain (2) passport photos and affix one to each Form 4; do NOT staple

- Make (1) photocopy of your completed Form 4 with passport photo affixed

- Carefully complete (2) FBI Form FD-258s in blue or black ink (AKA Fingerprint Cards)

- Identify your local Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO)

- Write a $200 check to the BATFE


Click here for an example of a form filled out for your convenience


Once you have compiled/completed the listed items, you are ready to mail the information out.



(1) $200 Check to Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives

(2) Original BATFE Form 4s (5320.4) with passport photos attached

(2) Original FBI Form FD-258s (Fingerprint Card)

We will let you know as soon as your paperwork comes back, at which point you will complete a BATFE Form 4473 and finalize your ownership.



(1) Photocopy of BATFE Form 4 (5320.4)

If you need it, SilencerCO offers a free SuppressED: EasyGuide to help in purchasing a suppressor. You can find it by clicking here.

Furthering Your Education

If you would like more information, we highly recommend this video that really breaks it down and answers questions on suppressors with demonstrations to follow.


In addition the American Suppressor Association has a great article, located here, that also answers questions, gives a detailed map of legal states and explains in more detail, some of the benefits of owning and using a suppressor.

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If you purchase your suppressor with us, we will help you with all the paperwork in store